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Lockdown legends UNMASKED: Coronavirus heroes helping our nation through crisis

Forgot the 'covidiots' who shamed themselves with their selfish acts in the lockdown. Today, Daily Star Online pictures the amazing people – the 'legends of the lockdown' – who alongside our NHS heroes are pulling the UK through the Covid-19 crisis

Daily Star Online has pictured just some of the amazing Brits helping the country through the coronavirus crisis

From a 99-year-old war hero walking 100 lengths to raise £28million for the NHS to a 14-year-old lad making face shields for doctors and nurses – the UK coronavirus crisis is bringing out its true heroes.

Prince William recently said “Britain is at its best in a crisis” – and he’s not wrong, with the lockdown shining a light on the nation’s legends who are helping to steer the country through these dark days.

Daily Star Online recently exposed the minority “covidiots” who have let the country down with senseless acts – from flouting the lockdown to sunbathing to assaulting our hero emergency service workers.

But now we are turning our attentions to the majority – the everyday Brits who are inspiring the country through the Covid-19 shutdown with amazing gestures and tear-jerking acts of kindness.

The most heroic of the lot are, of course, the incredible NHS heroes who are battling day in, day out in Britain’s hospitals – along with care workers who continue to do their country proud.

And it is in a massive show of support for them that Joe Public are getting busy at home with amazing acts involving singing, walking, clapping, typing, reading, drawing, dancing and everything else in between.

Below, Daily Star Online has unmasked and pictured just some of those unsung heroes who are ringing true the future King’s words – Britain is at its best in a crisis.