A woman has left TikTok viewers howling after recalling the time her former mother-in-law came across her sex toy.

The mum-of-one, who goes by the name @LifeofLeelee1 on TikTok, revealed how she was in hospital giving birth to her first child when her kind in-law decided to help out.

“She drove up to where we live, which was about four hours away, while I was in the hospital,” she explained.

“And she’s just like ‘I’m just going to clean the house and get everything ready’ because obviously I was not expecting to have a baby come home.

But as the woman started cleaning the bathroom, she found a rather embarrassing item.

The woman recalling her former mother-in-law's encounter
The woman recalling her former mother-in-law's encounter

“So she’s like ‘I was cleaning your house and changing your hand towels in the bathroom and cleaning the towel rack and all of a sudden, I felt this thing and I didn’t know you liked animal print’.”

“I was trying so hard not to laugh and she had found my vibrator which was hanging on my towel rack because I had washed it and hung it there.”

And the mum had the perfect response. “My response was: ‘Just so you know, your son and I used that together’ and she never brought it up again”.

But the in-law reminded her of the incident at Christmas 11 years later.

The mum recalling her in-law brought up the incident
She revealed her in-law brought up the incident 11 years later

"She got me this leopard print robe and on the tag she wrote: 'Because I know you love animal print’.”

"She clearly remembers, but that story was 11 years ago! 11 years she has remembered that story.

The videos have since been seen thousands of times, with viewers flocking to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“That’s hilarious,” one wrote. Another said: “That’s funny but good thing she didn’t make a big deal about it.”

And a third commented: “My mother-in-law would have thrown a Bible at me. I wish more mother-in-laws could be like this.”